Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dreams Vs Reality

There is always a dream we all chase

And a reality we seek to run from

There is always a dream we desire so much

Yet there is always a reality we choose to live in.

I have my dreams too

Dreams I would fight for

Dreams I live for.

A wife away in Italy

A son, unborn from a mother’s womb

A future too hazy to predict

The lap of luxury too far to reach.

Wanting a dream needs working towards the dream

But unfortunately how far from realities of life did I run?

From a drunken friend who drags you to the nearest bar

From the seductive smile of a passing woman

From a lonely masturbation inside a darken toilet.

How far did I run from the materialistic desires of the sunken world

From the sadistic desires of a sicken world

From the unending last shots for the road.


My desire to hold love

Where do I find?

My desires to go home to someone

Where do I seek?

My want to be loved

Where do I find?

Amore, Come Home

Let us live my Dream.

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