Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Journey of a Drunken Man

A wounded heart,

Bleeding eyes,

Shattered soul, scrambled life.

Scars from a battle I alone fought.

The absence of my Amore

I seriously cannot handle.

I did not know which way to turn,

When a single ray of light guided me to a bottle of Whiskey.

And there I found, I am a believer.

Here is miracle I seek on earth,

And for all damn soul, here is your solace,

Here is OUR liberation.

First shot, all wounds patched, the bleeding stopped,

And I was already climbing the stairways to heaven.

The taste lingered on for a moment,

Until replaced by a long drag from a shorten cigarette.

Another shot

And the warm pleasant burning sensation rested in my stomach.

Life seems better now, easier.

All you have to do is wave, and shots would materialize instantaneously.

Soon it was doubles; the bottle struggled to keep up.

Now how far our wallet will take us, I really didn’t care,

Confident “put it on my tab” will work,

Not so confident the owner might agree.

But what the hell, so I waved again.

How I was wounded, I don’t remember,

For, the magic carpet ride had begun.

With my heads in the clouds, life didn’t seem so hard now,

Although taking the next step became quite a challenge.

I had waved and waved, I had waved like a cheerleader,

Thus recollections of my journey to my bed seem a distant fading memory.

But home I was, for I did wake up

With a terrible headache,

And a wounded heart.

1 comment:

Sogyel Tobgyel said...

like most forsaken men,
in bottle you found solace......
nice one...:)