Friday, May 23, 2008

Love, and All That I have Learned

Love has brought me tears,

I have cried myself to sleep many a nights.

And the pain,

Life itself didn’t seem worth it.

But is this what love is to be remember for?

Amore taught me otherwise.

If it was love, then live on love,

I have learnt.

Not on the sorrows and tears that it brought.

Live on the moments that you created,

The laughter and the sighs,

The eagerness and the warm feeling your heart grows accustomed to.

Live on the first evening you sat watching the stars,

The first moment you held hands and blushed.

The first time your upset stomach embarrassed you,

The first time you touched and felt your skin on fire.

The first time you shared a joke,

Or even a silly argument.

Remember the first time you felt his absence,

The first time you thought about him and smile.

The first hug,

You melted.

The first kiss,

You fumbled.

The first picture together, a little awkward.

I have learnt,

Love gifts you moments too beautiful to drown them in tears.

I miss you Amore,

And I love you, for all the firsts we have had

And for all the moments we created after that.