Friday, May 23, 2008

A Ride

If you ask the moon

It has its own tale to tell

For I saw it smile,

Behind the silhouette of a passing tree,

I saw it smile.

I struggled to keep my eyes on the road

The curves of your lips were so much more inviting,

I drove,

Humming a happy tune,

Tuning a happy song.

Snuggling a little,

A soft snore escaped.

I had to smile,

I found that really cute now,

Comforting too.

In the cool wind of the mountain air,

A lonely swaying light beneath the racing clouds,

The car glided, as I pulled you closer

Too scared to let go, too scared to let you go.

The Highway Man couldn’t have felt more romantic.

Suppressing my racing heart least you awaken,

Savoring the moment, the warmth in my arms too,

The night passed us by, like a dream too good to end

And I struggled to hold on to it,

Least the moment ends too soon.

Every journey has an end,

So did this one too.

All I pray is that this end has a beginning.

Come home Amore,

Let’s begin a Journey.

Love, and All That I have Learned

Love has brought me tears,

I have cried myself to sleep many a nights.

And the pain,

Life itself didn’t seem worth it.

But is this what love is to be remember for?

Amore taught me otherwise.

If it was love, then live on love,

I have learnt.

Not on the sorrows and tears that it brought.

Live on the moments that you created,

The laughter and the sighs,

The eagerness and the warm feeling your heart grows accustomed to.

Live on the first evening you sat watching the stars,

The first moment you held hands and blushed.

The first time your upset stomach embarrassed you,

The first time you touched and felt your skin on fire.

The first time you shared a joke,

Or even a silly argument.

Remember the first time you felt his absence,

The first time you thought about him and smile.

The first hug,

You melted.

The first kiss,

You fumbled.

The first picture together, a little awkward.

I have learnt,

Love gifts you moments too beautiful to drown them in tears.

I miss you Amore,

And I love you, for all the firsts we have had

And for all the moments we created after that.

Love's Dilemma

I want to say so much

Yet there is so little I can say

Neither does the beginning seem right

Nor the end I can’t even see.

I still want to say so much

But how do I start

Where do I begin?

I can’t even hold you

Least you hear all my heart has to say

And how do I kiss you

Without letting you know how much I really care.

How do I ask you to stay?

Without compromising what you actually feel.

I want to be wanted, just for wanting’s sake.

I pick up the phone and call you

But how do I suppress my sobs

Least you think I am so so corny

I miss you.

I need to be curdled too.

But most of all

I need to be loved, just as much as I want to love.

Confusion, Life and Mine

The evening began
The heater turned, confused
Too many feet, too many cold hands
A boring serial struggling to stay alive
A cousin that can talk faster than Eddie Murphy
Two knitting needles racing to create whatever was being created
A bath that ended in curses and frowns
The evening began.

And I
What can I say
Jealousy in my head
Whiskey in my blood
Hope in my heart
Tears in my eyes
And love, ah, love
Confused, as always.

But seriously, what are my expectations?
What do I want?
What do I seek?
Am I deprived?
Or am I just lonely?
What are my dreams?
Am I happy?
Or is the correct question, what is happiness for me?

I am what I am
But then, who am i?

Shit, what was this poem about?
A confused poem from a confused poet.
I seriously got to stop writing, at least for now.
Good night.

Happy Birthday Mon Amore

A night, filled with wonderful dreams
A day, watching those dreams come true.
A heart never deprived of love,
Eyes that shine forever in its warmth.
A moment, filled with laughter and sighs,
A tear, filled with happiness and joy.
Friends, who lend a shoulder and an ear,
Friends, who loves you for who you are.
I wish all this and more,
For you deserve all this and more.

Happy Birthday Amore,
There is no telling you how much you are loved.
May our love have its reasons to grow,
May our children learn those reasons too.
You are being missed,
Today and always.

Love and Amore

I met this girl

Years ago when the line between right and wrong was a blur

She came and left

I never shed a tear.

Years later I met her again

When I was broken and in pieces

She lifted me gently and put me together

Now she is the reason why I live.

From a name on the MSN

Hers is the name now my heart sings

Fighting over lovers rift

She is still the name my heart sings.

With gifts she lit every shadow of my life

With gifts of love, gifts of laughter

Gifts of happiness, joy of togetherness

But above all, a gift of life.

Away in Italy, she goes about her daily life

Away in Bhutan, a man dreams about her daily life

How I love her, I know she knows

How I miss her, my tears will tell.

From the land of Thailand, she sent me a note

From the mountains of Spain, she wrote me a note

The content of both, the source of my biggest smile, my dreams come true

I am a man now, she made me one.

Mon Amore, I always wondered why you snuggled into my arms while we slept

Now I know it wasn’t what you saw you were in love with but what you felt

Can you feel me now?

I can Amore, in my heart, in my arms.

I still feel you.

A Journey of Dreams

From the hug at the airport

To the quenching of suppressed desires

From that single kiss of togetherness

To a silent contented moment of holding hands

From the valleys of Tang to the dancing lights of Thimphu

The magical carpet ride went on and on.

And into the night we held and talked

Sometimes till the last of the stars faded into the night

Holding on to each passing moment, holding on to our kisses.

Love was doing its share, and we ours

Friends forgotten, foes forgiven

The world meant nothing more than us, just us.

From the hug at the airport

To the hug at the airport, now I bid you farewell

And as we held and kissed, I already miss you

I will not cry, I promised, I won’t want you to cry

Damned Italy, have your fill of her, for when she returns

I will hold her for the rest of my life.

And so she left, along with our Holy Grail

Leaving behind a weeping heart.

Amore, I love you very very much


The waiting began.

Amore is Here

The morning is here

I have evidence, the sun rose, I have watched it

I rose early but the birds slept late today

They knew I didn’t need to be cheered

Not today, definitely not today.

The morning ritual glided by

And before I realized, I had her in my arms

This was exactly the kind of moment

Men conned the term “Happiness”

And for me, it knew no bound.

Love is at its peak

Amore is no more sad, what is sadness? Who is sadness?

I watched her while I drove, I watched her as she talked

I watched her smile, I watched her blink

And I watched her sleep as she curled finally at rest.

I am blessed, now I know

She is the one I love, I have always been sure

My days will be happy, how can it even go wrong

Welcome home Amore, I missed you so much

Welcome home Happiness, now I can finally smile.

Selfish Me

I am a selfish man,
I want you to love me just as much as I do

I am unreasonable too,
I want you to miss me and cry the tears I do.

I am a weak man,
You are my strength, I am nothing without u.

I am a lonely man,
I am suddenly alone, where are you?

I am demanding,
I want to wake up in your arms every morning

I am choosy too,
It has to be your lips or none.

And stubborn,
I will not go on without u.

I conclude,
I am obsessed,
You are all I want Amore, every moment, every day.

I cry, alone,
Shit, I love u so much.

The First Kiss

Tales are told of first kisses

Its enchanting moment, its essence

But what can I say

I didn't even feel my first kiss

I was too nervous, too scared of disappointment

What I mumbled I cannot recollect

I just pray it wasn't something stupid.

The second kiss was heavenly

Lips locked, our tongues played too

And the chill that ran down my back

Actually rested within my toes.

This one, I remember every second

And even seconds moved in slow motion

As all my system concentrated on your lips.

If we could feel heaven

Probably it would feel something like this

A world away from the world

Where every communication was done in silence

Where we saw our whole world through closed eyes

Where we felt our dreams rather than seeing them

And we kissed, just kissed.

Amore, I want to feel that kiss again

Come home soon, I miss you.

You, and then Me

Some days, I feel I cannot go on

I do not want to live without you

And then there are days when I know

I would spend the whole life waiting

To spent one moment with you.

Then again there are days I thank God I have you

For u have added all the colours in my life

And yet sometimes I wish I had never met you

I would never have had to feel so lonely in a crowded world.

I wander, sometimes thinking about your kisses

Sometimes about the way you would hold me

Then at times about the way you loved me

And how much that makes me miss you now.

My only joy is being able to listen to your voice

And hear you say how much you love me

Unfortunately I am deprived of that too, sometimes.

I dream of you, every day

And every night I pray I would hold you

As my eyes closes, surrendering to slumber sweet.

I die, slowly

Wanting to be held

Wanting to be kissed

I die, slowly

Counting days.

A Morning Experience

The phone rang, I jumped,I said hello

And a woman on the other end asked for Dechen

There was no Dechen here, and even if there was,

Dechens probably want to sleep at six thirty in the morning, God.

I curled in again, eager to find my dream where I left.

I rolled and rolled, but the dream was lost, forever

Shit, curses, six forty five.

I dragged myself out, strolled out of the house

And what hit me was amazing

The air, so much more fresh than the morning dew

And tasted better than my cigarettes

The silence, except for a distant chirping bird, deafening

The cleanliness, the freshness, and the wonderful feeling it came with

The world was actually awake while I slept.

So this is why people got up early in the morning, now I know.

Not that I would want to do it again, but this was seriously nice.

Slavering when I could, I sat down, the experience rejuvenating.

I didn’t care about my sleep now, neither the dream that I had lost

And thank you irritating woman and all Dechens, this is beautiful.

Amore, when you return, we should do this sometimes, it’s just like our love

Exhilarating, beautiful, so full of life, yet so simple.

Love, As defined for All

Ask a boy and he will say

A feeling u have for a girl when you find her nice

A feeling he associates almost anyone he feels is likable.

And for a teen

It’s something magical that you keep searching for

A feeling you wait for to happen

Just like in Mills and Boons.

Love is a teddy bear, a card

Recorded tapes of your favorite songs, or a Korean actor.

But the maximum definition comes from the present generation.

Love is the single word that gets you the maximum number of lays

As in love is what women feel and you benefit from.

For women some, love is why sex is acceptable

And then yet again

A reason why two people decide to spent the rest of their lives together.

For some, it is why the day seem so bright

For some, the ultimate creator of heartaches.

Here, at this age, either you learn love is myth

Or that miracle does happen.

Then middle age tells you love is family

A collection of moments measured by laughter and tears

Love is what your children do.

It is how much u can give for one show of affection.

Yet a few believe, love comes with a price tag.

And then finally, when there are more wrinkles on your face than hair,

Love is the support you have

Measured by how many you can lean on,

Love is your grandchildren playing on your lap.

But more than all, the greatest love is God.

Me, I have lived through definition most

But now, I live with one. Love for me now

Is a woman so far away that the only way to see her is dream.

Love is again, everyday knowing she misses me too.

And the reason why I smile every time I think about her.

For me, Love is all about you Amore.

I Love You the Most

The moment I saw you

I knew this was love

It wasn’t that ting-a-ling feeling I get

Every time a beautiful girl passes by

Nor was it the lust you would actually see in my eyes

Every time I got a peek down an unaware girl’s blouse.

No no, this feeling came from the pit of the stomach

More than from the pit of my heart

Where I would have actually expected.

This was love

Pure and simple

This was love

No bright lights or background music

This was love

Real and true.

No slow motions or sniper kind of zoom

This was love


And this moment I knew

I would never fall in love again

Never would feel like this again

But then I did, it happened

I fell in love

Every time I looked at you

Over and over again.

Not only you, the way you walked

The way you would smile and laugh.

It was more like everything that defined you.

So now when I say I miss you

I mean it; for once even my tears are real

And every day I live with the moments we have had.

Everyday I think of you,

And try putting my feelings into words.

But no matter how I express it

I think the best way to do it is saying

I love you the most.

I love you the most Amore.

A Journey of Moments

Along the curves to a village called Tang

We held hands and have laughed

Rolled around on the lushly grass and kissed.

Made love, suppressing our moans

And controlling our bursting desires

Least the parents sleeping might awaken.

Now that was tough, tougher than the walk uphill.

Around a bend we sat and drank

The bottle of Ara mother so lovingly gifted

With tears in her eyes, and a hug that said goodbye.

Beside a river that I know not where it would flow

Mother cried, you cried, I nearly did, Yangka definitely did.

Sigh, goodbyes break my heart. But not for now

Just now, Ara has the power.

Atop a hill called Yoto-la, we smiled and posed

We clicked and shook our heads, so we clicked again

A perfect moment finally captured.

This was our moment

Amongst a bus load of tourist, gawking at the scenery

Shivering slightly in the mountain wind.

This, was our moment.

Then beneath the paintings from Travelers and Magicians

We sat to feel the feel, and then danced a little dance too

Awed at the art, enjoyed the scenery, relieved a little

And off we went again, winding and turning up and down.

I drove and you smiled, I drove and you yawned

I looked at you and realized

I was falling in love everyday.

And finally after many hours and many cigarettes too

The lights of Thimphu beckoned us home.

Tired and weary not romantic any more

Fighting sleep and the bottle of Ara too

My recollection actually is nil from that moment on.

But this journey I know I will take a thousand times more

Some in my dreams, some in my wishes.

I miss you Amore, come home

Tang is calling us.

A Conversation, Many Conversations

Someone said, “You should seriously stop drinking”

I said, “Get her here, and I will.”

Another, “You should learn to live, it’s not the end”

I, “Stay away from someone you love for a week

Just one week and then you will know what I am going through.”

Yet another, “Man, your eyes are swollen; you look terrible, cheer up”

Said I, “One more wise crack and your lips will swell too”

Then another, “Move on, there is so much to life”

Again I, “Bloody, you move on, I don’t like your face anyway.”

And a friend, “Wipe those tears, men don’t cry”

Me, “bring me her smile, and I’ll smile.”

Wise crack II, “You are pathetic, sad poems after sad poems”

I smiled, WHAM!!! I smiled again.

Karma, “Only around 40 days now”

Amore, “40 days 40 years, all seem the same.”

A best wisher, “but in the end, it will be worth the wait”

Sad me, “the end will be sweet, that I know, the waiting, terrible”

Amore, I miss you : - ((

You asked, I answer

Someone asked me, “Who is she that you sing these songs for?”

Ah, the toughest question that I have been asked.

How do I put it in words?

How do I explain that she is the reason why my rainbow has colours

How do I explain that she is the reason for every smile that lit my day.

She is the reason why I dream, for she is the dream that I dream.

How do I explain she is all that I have.

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can smell her perfume

And hear that gentle laughter that knocked my heart out

Sometimes when I sleep away, I can almost feel her next to me

That soft breathing floating away in the silent night.

She is the one my heart calls for every day

She is the one I miss as the clock ticks away.

My poems are not good enough neither my words strong enough

To let you know how much of a world she means to me.

Romeo died for Juliet, and Juliet for Romeo, that was their love

But no, I don’t want to die, I want to live

I want to spent the rest of my life trying to make her happy

I want to live my dream, I want to live her dream.

Someone asked me, “Where is she?”

Ah, the simplest question that I have been asked.

Where else would she be

In my heart tey

Where she always belonged.

Missing the Mrs.

I am back at staring at the night again

The crescent moon and the fading stars

On the chair I lay back

And light the last cigarette from the pack.

My mother never let me smoke inside the house

Thus an excuse to bond with the lonely night.

High above a hill, I saw a house glittering

Or may be it’s a star trying to touch the hill

But neither did it matter nor did I care

My thoughts were already on the last conversation we had

Our last chat actually, internet does wonders

Keeps us connect, over all that distance.

Now I wonder what you must be doing.

Are you thinking of our last conversation too?

Or are you out laughing with some friends?

Did you smile today? Was I the reason?

This is suppose to be summer, why am I feeling cold?

I wonder if you are feeling cold or hot just now.

What do I do? Whenever I am not chatting with you

I am thinking about you. When I am chatting with you

I am thinking about you sitting there and smiling

And whether I am saying all the right words or not.

When I am not doing that, I am dreaming about you

And wondering if you are thinking about me too?

And when I am not doing any of the above

I am simply missing you and hoping that you are missing me too.

I have been dreaming again, the cigarette almost burnt out

I take few quick drags, shit, my last cigarette

The light on the hill seem to have disappeared.

So, back to the bed now, back to surfing channels

And soon I know I’ll lose myself in the world of Hollywood and Bollywood

Until sleep takes over.

Good night My love

I love you, and I miss you terribly.

My Happy Poem

The tears are gone

Goodbye to my crying days

The lonely days are numbered

Goodbye cruel nights.

The waiting is almost over now

I am already learning how to smile again.

And I haven’t forgotten how to laugh

Ha ha

I finally hum a happy tune.

My love, my lady, swore she is coming home, ‘soon’

What more could I ever ask for.

My apologies to God for spiting him

The miracle has been delivered.

Sleep I will, ever so sweetly tonight.

I remember playing with the dews this morning

Watched the sun creep over the hill

I could have sworn the rainbow today had ten colours

As I sat singing with the birds.

The day never looked brighter

The morning never so beautiful.

Happiness, how I missed you

Everyday that passes by, I smile

The day of my liberation is near.

My arms, ever so eager now

My eyes and my lips too.

Today, I’ll wait

For tomorrow

I know you will be home.

Evening and I, our Daily Routine

I walked out

The cool refreshing evening wind stunned me

I should take walks in the evening I thought

But for now, I watched the night.

The moon seemed unhappy being a crescent

And the light of the town outshone the stars.

I looked around

And then I started to think

Ai, some of those houses must have happy couples

Laughing and sighing, kissing and caressing

Some fighting and come reconciling

And doing everything lovers did when in love.

And then again

How many of those houses housed lonely hearts

Crying the tears I cry

Feeling the pain that I live with

Dreaming the dreams I dream everyday

Sitting through the cold night watching the stars.

Nothing seem important now

Other than to have you to hold in my arms

To wake up one more morning beside you

To listen to you laugh or even shout

To have you look in my eyes and smile

Or to take away those thousand miles that keeps me from you.

And then I do the usual, I cry.

This is not good, I tell myself

As I felt shivers run through my spine

The cool evening wind has now become cold

So I look at the stars before I leave

And I ask of them

“Watch over her

She is all that I have.”


I watched a couple crossing the streets

They held hands and that look

I know that look

I saw it being reflected on your face

So many times when we had our little secrets

When we had done something a little naughty.

I felt jealous

Holding hands should be banned

It reminded me too much of us

But there is no us

I am along here

Alone, depressed, crying.

Every night, returning to a cold empty bed

Every night, praying for a miracle

Every morning, waking up the miracle not realized

Every moment, desperate to be loved

Every tear, trickling down the face

Every hand motion to wipe it away

Everything, everything calls for you.

What should I do, I feel so lost

I have begged and wept

And made wishes many

I have prayed to God and insulted him too

But nothing has brought you home

Now I wonder anything would.

I would have sold my car and brought a ticket

If Italy would grant me a visa I would have sold my soul.

I am tired of watching myself cry

I am tired of letting myself slowly die.

Come home, my love

Just for a day

I’ll live my life time in that day.

Alone in a crowded World

The rush of the wind

The sway of the car

The approaching lights

Then the passing lights

I drove on, aimless

Probably coz I was drunk.

Ah, this is just another typical night.

My sleep I needed to find

My tears, already lost too many

The road curved beneath my car and passed me by

Then a pole, a house and a tree

And I seem to stand still

But then, may be it’s my life that stood still

Since that last kiss when we said goodbye

Since that last hug when we cried

And I wished you didn’t have to go.

Since then, I have felt alone

Sometimes with everyone around

I have felt lonely.

I sit and cry

I don’t know what else to do.

I want someone to talk to

I want to be held

I want to feel loved

But then, you are not here

Not when I need you the most.

I hope some day it will end

Someday, I might feel free

Not lonely and depressed anymore.

Someday, I want to feel normal again

Just like everyone else

Would I ever be so fortunate?

I know not without you.

The wind still blows

And I sway with the car

But then suddenly the tears start

This is where the pain becomes worse.

Come home, my love

For I know my tears will never dry.

Missing You, Loving You

The sun dipped beyond the horizon

The sun, I am jealous of

For I know, from whence he came, he has watched you laugh.

I lay back and look at the stars

And I smile

For I know, no matter how far you go, at least might be watching the same stars.

I watched the clouds passing by

He too, may be, came from where you live

And have seen you smile, now they watch me smile.

I felt the breeze kiss my lips

I wonder if they will blow on yours too

We never know, but it’s a wonderful thought.

My dog came and pushed up against my feet

I patted him, exactly at the spot I knew you always did

The warmth of your hands were no longer there

But just the thought that I am touching were u had, gives me a little joy.

Oh, yesterday, I took a shower and chipped my nails

And brushed my teeth before I slept

This I know would have made you happy.

I try not to cry, I know you don’t want me to

But I miss you very very much though

More and more every day.

Tomorrow, I might see you

But today I am alone

My consolation is knowing I am loved and missed.

I love you too my love

And you are always being thought of, fondly.

My Valentine, without My Valentine

Be my Valentine, I would have loved to say

But then u are still so far far away.

I need to be hugged so that I can stop crying

But my arms are still empty.

I want to be kissed, those warm passionate kisses

But my lips are still dry.

Valentine is here, and I am alone

So then, what good is a Valentine, I still am crying.

I live through every moment that we have shared

Even the times you kicked me and I cried

Those evenings we slept on each side of the bed throughout the night

Wanting to be hugged

And the times we would try to communicate after a fight

A little at a time not wanting to show eagerness

The times I would walk away hoping you would ask me to stay

All those times now seem all sweet, I managed a smile.

How lonely you must feel today, ai, My Love

Alone in a crowded world.

I cry for both of us, I pray u find a reason to smile.

I have kissed your picture and wished you too

Many happiness and lots of love.

Stay happy my love

You are missed, more terribly today than yesterday.

I love you so so much.

Happy Valentines.

My Sanctuary

There was a reason why I got drunk; I am trying to remember why

But for now, I looked like a wanderer lost wandering

The perfect gho my father had stitched has lost its shape

The moon watched, the stars expressionless and nothing mattered

Just the aching pain, pain that has been nurtured over time

Pain, of alone, pain, of wanting, pain, of being without you.

With all my withering strength I pushed myself out of the car

I peed, half on my socks, half I have no idea, I was lost.

Everything blurred, I was being sucked into a hole

I stumbled and fell, and then I saw her smile, I smiled

I heard her laugh, I laughed, I was being loved, and she was always loved.

I felt her arms around me, her breath, slow and warm, caressing my neck

She said everything sweet; I agreed to all of them, I smiled again

I held her, I felt her, and I pushed my eyes open so I could watch her smile, again

Staggering and limping on to my bed I finally fell, and there she was again

I rolled over to hug her; in her arms was where I knew I would sleep the sweetest.

Today’s purpose was done, the sole reason why I got drunk accomplished

To have you in my arms over the thousand miles, to have you kiss me good night.

Tomorrow, I will do it again, tomorrow, I’ll hold you again.

For today, Good night my love, I love you.

I smiled.

I slept.

Loving you, immensely

Missing you, not any more.

The Moment and its Magic

The winter wind chilled me to the bone but my heart still glowed

Warmed by love, love unconditional.

I stood, hold the phone

Our conversation had just ended reminding each other how much love we shared,

And the lonely suppressed sobs we lived through.

I stood, recollecting every word that you said

Your laughter, the smile in your voice, the cars in the background

The silent tears when you said good night.

I stood

Looking at the silhouette of a distant hill that I grew up with,

The specks of light that outlined the town

And then, every moment we spent together raced through my mind,

The roads where we held hands and walked

The shadows under which we kissed

The evenings where even the cold drizzle seem romantic.

I stood

Basking in the warmth of love, love with all its magic and glory

Love that you have bestowed upon me

Love, as in only you can love.

I stood

My heart, melting

My love, growing.

Imperfection, and I

Some days I was too drunk to distinguish between what was decent and what was not

Some days I was too busy trying to make myself happy

But days apart from those

I drown myself in your thoughts

The sensuality of your kisses

Then tenderness of your touch

The way you would smile and the way you would make me smile.

Some days I am guilty of infatuations

Some days I am guilty of flirting

No honey

Not because I am falling out of love with you

It’s because I miss being loved, and I am just human

I mean no harm.

Moments apart from those

I sing praises of your beauty, your love and your eyes

I recite tales of moments we created, the laugher and the sighs, the tears and our first kiss.

I live in an imperfect world, I am not perfection, I agree

But this is assured, I love you the most.

Today, I miss you.


I have watched the moonless night passing by

I have greeted the dawn with tears in my eyes,

My love, your thoughts have kept me through the night.

I have hugged the solitary pillow to sleep

I have dealt with the darkness where shadows seem to leap

My love, your dreams have enchanted me though the night.

I have had bad times; all I needed was a hug

I have had miserable times; all I needed was to see you smile.

Love is playing its part, and I mine.

Shakespeare wrote fables on love’s tragedy and pain

I live them everyday, where does my reward lay.

My arms are withering, my lips long dried.

I long to have you by my side, I long to hear you say I love you

Time drifted us apart, I pray, time brings us together

A bad day ends, when I hear your voice, I love you the most.

Alone and Lonely

A reluctant tear fell

Unwilling to embrace the chilling wind

Against which I stood, oblivious.

A deep sigh escaped

Materializing to vapor in the cold evening,

A dog howled

My sadness seem to spread,

I stood staring into space

Visualizing every curve on her face

Her lips, her hips.

I long.

The way she smiles now makes me cry

For I loved those the most

Her slender fingers entwined with mine

Always promised so much strength.

With friends and like we haunted the night

Now I wish you had never left.

We laughed and cried for this was love

Drenched in sadness now I weep.

Be strong, I have been urged

She is my strength, I need not be stronger

Try being happy, I have been told

She left with my happiness

Let her return and I’ll smile all day.

Learn to live without love, I have been advised

This is something I refuse to learn.

Without you, I am nothing

With you, I am everything

Come home honey, I want to live.

A Heart in Agony

My eyes seem to water and my hands do shake

This pain and suffering is more than I can take

I stare at your picture and read all your letters

Hoping I would feel better, warmer and still

But all it did is made it worse, my heart slowly breaks.

May be I am not the most important thing in your life

But I assure you I love you the most.

May be I am not what you dreamt I would be

But you are all that I dream of every night and day.

You left me so lost and broken I still cant find my way.

I want to believe that it’s going to get better

But I am only lying to myself; I know it’s getting worse.

I even tried being happy, but then how can I

If all I know now is how to cry.

I call out to you, can you hear me My Love.

Darkness looms, how long do I have to cry?

What will happen to me, only you or time can tell.

Every night as I sleep I reach out to you

In realizing you are not there, my pillow soaks with tears.

Come home now, my love, how long do I have to cry?

Happy New Year

History grows older

A season has become a memory

I bid farewell to the night as a new one emerged

Yet again promising promises.

The season is set to cast their spells

Gifts are wrapped, some for you

The rain will fall, the tears will follow

The sun will shine, some on you.

Spring will bring blooms

For your aspirations and your faith in life

A beautiful season for beautiful memories

Recreated by each passing day.

As Summer comes, it will light your way

Along the path of life, behind every bend

To fight the shadows and conquer the dark

To brighten the era and to warm your heart.

Autumn comes to colour your life

Splashing them with love and then love

To fill your heart and your head

Wherever your thoughts may have its roots.

With the falling flakes of the Winter month

A warm bed shall always wait

The ones you care shall be near

To see you through the freezing nights

And together shall we go on

To greet yet another making year.

Un Sogno

The day has finally dawned

The waiting has now ended, my love arrives

Like a boy with his first toy, I wait, excited

Scanning the sky for the speck that would grow

And over the horizon Druk Air glides slowly

My heart leaps, my arms eager, my eyes full.

Don’t run, I told myself, but my legs just refuse to listen

And with a screech the plane came to a halt

As my lady descends, an angel falling from the sky.

My smile broke free as I saw it being reflected on her lips

Down the stairs she ran, into my waiting arms

And as our lips locked, a hundred pairs of eyes watched

Some smiling, some approved, some didn’t

But we didn’t care, this was our moment

A moment we have rehearsed many times in our head

As we lay sleepless many a night.

Everything stood still, we stood still

But eventually the magic had to break

And we walked slowly outside, our hearts too nervous to speak.

Mostly silent, we drove home, awaiting privacy

And there we broke our emotions lose

As we made love, passion bursting

Into eternal bliss we drifted, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The day dawned

I woke

And my dreams died, I cried.

A Birthday Wish

Dear God,

I pray.

Away from everything she knew as love

Where her language was a barrier, her believes too

She lived, loneliness her companion and many tears too.

Watch over her, she does not deserve to cry.

Tormented by life with unpleasant surprises

She lived through more than most would in a life span

Yet she emerged full of compassion and love.

Watch over her, she does not deserve to cry.

Struggling to work for hours too long

Living with a society where betrayal came from friends

She fought, so she could put a smile on those she cares.

Watch over her, she does not deserve to cry.


Give her my share of joys from life

And also the little gifts of happiness one is entitled now and then

And I will weep her tears and carry her sorrows

Coz she does not deserve to cry.

I pray.

Dear love,

I shall not tell you my tales of loneliness today

Nor about the tears I have silently shed

Though today I wish I were in your arms more than any other day.

Today, I pray.

From the fluttering prayers of a lonely flag,

I pray for you

Protection from the immortal souls.

I pray for you

Rising from the silhouette of a majestic Dzong

Blessings of luck, goodliness and need prosperity.

From the brimming earthen pot on a smoky stove

I pray for you

Shelter from the hunger pangs.

From a child uncontaminated by unending desires

I pray for you

Unending laughter, joy and happiness.

Happy birthday.

Begging, Still

My poems are done, my heart still bleeds

Loneliness rules, tears still follow

A day does not pass by

Without me begging her to return.

“When the year ends, I’ll be in your arms”

She promised

Now she says let Valentines come

A choice between the world and me

I weep

My love has chosen the world.

Everyday I wait, MSN and me

Everyday I wait, Nokia and me

Dying to hear her say, I love you the most

But my MSN refuses to ping, neither my mobile rings.

Does she know I cry myself to sleep?

Does she know my self-confidence has withered,

My pride dead and my self esteem lost since she has been gone?

Does she know she has been my strength and my joy?

Months have passed and I still beg

My eyes have tired but I still cry

My Love, come home

I have almost forgotten how to laugh.

The Valentine Roses

Valentine is here the roses have come

There lying by her steps, a bouquet

She never knew where they came from

But they came year after year.

Always arriving at the precise hour

The roses never failed to charm

She wondered who would take such pain

To deliver them fresh with the blush of dawn.

The beauty was in its art, the drafting and the craft

A rainbow of colors born from a stem

Blooming in its might in its own aura

The local florists had never seen the like.

When she married three bunches arrived

And when her son was born, there were the roses

And when she was down, they came

The prettiest bunch lifting her heart with a sigh.

They always knew when to arrive, she wondered

And like angels they came for they always brought joy

Like when death came calling in the name of cancer, they came

And brushed their soft petals against her heart, and she smiled.

And now as she lay dying on her bed

The last breath still caught up in her soul

It was like she was waiting for something she knew would come.

Then her husband walked in with that gentle look on his face

She adored so much

And the eternal love shining in her eyes.

Slowly with her strength her heart gave way

And into eternal dreams she drifted away

As her beloved with a single tear

Placed the roses near her heart where they always belonged.

She failed to recognize through the years

The single person who brought her so much love.

Love's Curse

Alone and lonely I stood under a moonless night

Recollecting the smile that pushed me through the day

The laughter that stimulated every joyous moment

Those assuring words that took away the pains of failure

Those twinkle in your eyes that lit up darkness as it fell.

I cry

Loneliness is a curse

Love has lost its sweetness

An aching pain remains.

My thoughts find u a thousand miles away

My arms impatient to be there

My dreams hold you every night

My lips craving to be touched grow jealous of my dreams.

I fought the morning as it dawned

The night was my sanctuary

The battle lost, I wake up

Loneliness descends.

My tears have dried, numbness builds

Numbness to pain, to joy, happiness and sorrow

In a trance, I push the day away

Awaiting my Angel to remove the curse

Loneliness, Love’s only cruse.

Love Defined

Love begins where the eyes met

Dreams are built and shattered

A soft kiss and a melting look

The battle of hearts is over.

Love is now sharing and caring

A single tear or a joy of laughter

Love is a truth

Some told, some unfolded.

A silent word and the eyes smiled

A code found and used

A single touch and the skin blushed

Love has done its work.

Love in the end is a rest in the arms

A story told and experienced

Love then is what you see happening

While yours closes in a silent smile.

My Silent Prayers

The sun is gone, the moon rules now

Thus I retire to the warmth of my blankets

Another day is done, yet again without you

Another day wasted as I see.

A new day will rise tomorrow

I pray I rise with the sun

It would be a pity if death was to win

While to the slumber of sleep I give in.

I do not want to die today

Not until I see you at least

What tomorrow may bring I know not for sure

Thus I pray, you return home soon.

Dear God, give me another day to live

My love has promised to return soon

Until that moment, give me strength

After that, may fate have his way.

Before night takes its toll

My lips mummer a final prayer

Angels East, Angels West,

Angels North and South

Bless my Love and shelter her

From evils far and near.

Give her strength, give her will

Until my arms are filled

Come that day, I’ll protect her

Until my beats are nil.

My love is pure, as you know

So why the pains of alone

Show her the light, lead her home

Then I shall ask no more.

The Battle

Drunk and staggering I turn towards home

The meaning of life seem so small

The meaning of love seems so dominant.

The tears seem irrelevant

The loneliness seems haunting.

Between all these, my thoughts turn towards you,

Why it is you, I have no idea

May be it’s the way you make me smile

Or may be the way you make me hope

May be it’s the way my arms seem empty without you

Or the way my heart seem to rehearse every song

That my lips tremble to sing.

Is wine my refuge now and darkness my friend?

Do I stumble on life to fall and never rise?

I dare not, my fair lady will return

Expecting much more than what I have become.

Thus I shake away the drowsiness and avoid a pothole

And I push my self closer to home

With a little will to live, for the day of union.

Drunk and staggering I finally reached home

The meaning of life still so small

The meaning of love still so dominant.

But now I have promises renewed

Tomorrow, I will be a better man.

A Lonesome Heart

I sat alone, humming a lonely tune

Time seem to pass me by, and I stand still

Knowing that you are gone

With my dreams, with my laughter, with my joy.

With a plaster smile that everyone sees through

I stand, the stars my witness

My tears, my evidence, my dreams, the proof of love

I miss you, every day, every moment.

I can still hear your laughter ringing in my ears

Your perfume still fresh in the air

Your smile still enchanting me.

I feel you everyday, everywhere, and I miss you more.

Today I lost a tear, slipped out so unconsciously

What can I say, I sit and pray

I pray that your dreams are filled with my love

I pray that my hugs are one thing that you need the most

I pray that a gush of wind bring you memories

Of our stolen kisses and happy moments

And I pray that all these brings you the light

To lit your path home.

I sit alone, humming a lonely tune

And I wait.

An Email


Dearest Love,

How are you my love? My day at office begins with opening my email account hoping and praying there is a mail from you and a long day begins when I see my mailbox empty. I know you have lot of things to do and lots on your mind too, but for me, all that I have is you, and your love.

I woke up and heard the birds were singing

How delighted you would have be, your eyes would sparkle

I missed you.

I heard the murmuring of the little brook, I thought about you

How gently you would have spoken, “Amore, I love you”

I missed you.

I watched a puppy tumbling on his play

How sweetly you would have smile, dimples and all

I missed you.

Between all these, I lost a single tear

Slipped out so unconsciously, how lonely days are.

I think of the day when I will see u again

I think of the day when I would watch u smile

I think of the day and smile.

I drive home slowly

The evening has come

I drive home slowly

The smile still on my lips

The smile that sees me through the day

A smile, gifted by you.

How beautiful is to feel the sense of being loved

How truly special

To have your heart tugged and knotted.

I can hardly wait for the next moment to began

When I can hold u and kiss those sweet lips again.

I see the best of nature in you, a heart so full of love, a smile that dawns like the morning star, laughter that rings on like a song, a gentle word that could never go wrong.

Gentle lady, love me, for I need most to be loved.

Yours truly,